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ADAM Article

The rapid evolution of digital devices is reinventing the media, advertising and corporate industries.

ADAM is an exceptional new service that allows you to digitize, catalog, store video with back up, index, meta tag and retrieve your video assets simply and efficiently. It provides a seamless process of finding files, providing access to key people, tracking versions and repurposing assets across multiple channels.

Designed to save you money. No more storing physical tapes, no more lost footage. You’ll experience lower post-production bills through a faster workflow with the ability to share footage with other locations.

ADAM allows you to review your existing footage quickly, which in many cases eliminates the need for filming extra shots. You can also provide access to all stakeholders on a project for viewing dailies, posting comments, while reducing client miscommunication.

ADAM is a must for companies that are concerned about their brand. As a single repository for finished work, our service allows your management team complete control of the quality of material that is being distributed across different mediums and geographies. We offer a simple, clean user interface for our clients to manage their files efficiently and also provide DAM network experts for support, as needed.

This state-of- the-art service is available for a low monthly fee and moves you right into the digital world. 

Our IT, business-process and strategic consulting will help you transform your business, with minimal risk and disruption. ADAM gives your organization greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs.

For more details, contact Jeff Somerstein at 305.856.1245. 


Accord Digital Asset Management 

provides integration for creating, distributing, tracking and optimizing all of your digital assets.

FAQ and common situations:
What do I do with all of the videotapes I have? Accord can digitize all formats of videotape from Digital Beta, 1”, D2, D3 Betacam SP, DVC-Pro, DVCAM and Mini-DV to HD formats like, HDV, DVC-Pro HD, HDCAM, HDCAM SR and D5. All formats can be channeled to DVD, Firewire Drive, or ADAM.

I have tapes and hard drives taking up a lot of office space. Space is money. The less space you need to store tapes and hard drives translates to cost efficiency. By digitizing these tapes and putting the digital files on to the ADAM system you will not only access files easier, but save money in the process.

I spend hours looking for specific shots and footage. Once your tapes are digitized, all of your footage can be meta tagged and is available via the internet. You can conduct a search in seconds and view proxy files of your footage to pick the right shot faster than ever.

Everyone needs a different file format or CODEC- it drives me crazy. By storing all your footage on the ADAM system your sanity will be restored. The ADAM system allows you to promptly retrieve all of the files you need, including Pro REZ files for Final Cut editing, DNX files for AVID editing and Windows Media files

I have several stakeholders in projects are all over the world whom need to see rough cuts simultaneously. The Accord Digital Asset Management service is available anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. Even if their internet connection is slow they can still view rough cuts via small size proxy files. This service offers you password protection with the ability for clients to make notes without complications. ADAM makes it simple.

I have thousands of tapes and hundreds of video files - can I afford this service? Accord offers packages including digitizing and storage for a low monthly fee. There are various options for you to select the package that best fits your budget and needs. Accord even has a program for clients who deliver their spots and shows electronically that includes the ADAM at no charge. Ask Jon Koch for more details at or contact him directly at 305.856.1245.

My current provider for delivering spots and shows electronically gives me a hard time about my long format shows. The ADAM service offers spot delivery and long format show delivery, as well as, storage of the electronic masters.