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ACCORD takes care of all of your digital media, post-production, graphics and/or compositing needs. 

Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art systems deliver quality results, on deadline and on budget.


Accord takes care of all of your digital media, post-production, graphics and/or compositing needs. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art systems deliver quality results, on deadline and on budget.

WE IMPORT HD FILES, EDIT YOUR MOVIE, SHOW, TV SPOT AND/OR ADVERTORIAL. Accord has the expertise and tools to manage your project’s workflow from beginning to end for RED, Arri Alexa, DVC-Pro HD P2, XDCAM HD, SXS, or traditional tape formats. Our team gets you creative finishing in high definition, digitizing, color correction, editing and approval outputs through final delivery of required network deliverables. Accord editors are proficient on either AVID or Final Cut Pro platforms, with experience in producing high quality spots and advertorials that have aired on local, regional, national and international channels.

CREATE LOOPS FOR POINT OF PURCHASE OR YOUTUBE. Accord has the expertise and tools to create point of purchase loops and youtube presentations for you or your company. Bring us your video elements and we can conform them for use in any environment.

UTILIZE OUR CLOSE CAPTION/SUBTITLING ROOM for prompt, quality close captioning and subtitling service. All captioning is done in full CCIR 601. 

OUR INDUSTRIAL DVD EDIT ROOM is perfect for editing all your tape formats to DVD. Our skilled operators can edit your videos, add menus and chapters to make your video elements easy to access and use. Transfer photos and add music to create truly unique presentations. This service is ideal for consolidating training videos, marketing tapes, and other video elements onto a DVD master.

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is designed to allow clients to record high quality narration tracks, as well as, provides the ability to mix music tracks in stereo. Our competitive rates are unmatched.

FOR AFTER EFFECTS AND GRAPHIC DESIGN, our digital experts create the look and feel you conceptualize, with the most advanced systems including aftereffects compositing. 

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CREATE VIDEO PRESENTATION. Accord editors can compile pictures, combine various video formats, add music to the mix and produce dynamic projects such as retirement collages, corporate presentations, sports demos, talent demo reels, party mood setters and/or compilations of family pictures and videos highlighting big life events. Our competitive prices allows you time to be creative and have fun in the process.

DIGITIZE ALL OF YOUR TAPE FOOTAGE. Our capabilities include digitization of all formats of videotape to hard drive, DVD or content manager. We handle HDCAM SR, D5, HDCAM, XDCAM HD, HD and DVC-Pro HD. We also serve standard definition formats including 1’, D2, D3, D5, D9 (digital VHS), Digital Beta, Betacam SP, Betacam, 3/4SP, ¾ Umatic, Betamax, VHS, Mini-DV, Hi-8mm, Digital 8mm, Video 8mm and even S/VHS.

For any or all of your project needs, Accord has a digital room that will deliver top results, on time and within your budget. Our friendly, creative and experienced editors will guide you every step of the way to make sure you get the desired end product. 




At Accord Productions we combine talent, experience and passion in every job that we take on. Every member of our professional crew is part of our Accord family - there are no freelancers on our team. We're completely dedicated to delivering top results for our clients in all that we produce.



We successfully take your job from concept to completion and/or customize specific services. From shoots to edits, graphics to audio engineering, from tapes to digital masters and now offering the latest digital asset management system, ADAM.

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Change is a constant in our industry. We’re proud to celebrate 25 years of growing with our loyal clients. Serving every need from the standard definition tapes to the most advanced formats, keeping on the edge of all things digital because ‘change is good’.

We're 25 years and growing strong.